Discover: The Eternal Candle

Finally, Designer candles that are meant to be burned. 
a perfect mix of style and innovation! With the outer shell showcasing intricate designs and an inner core that allows the candle to still burn and function as a regular candle, these candles create a unique tunneling effect. Experience the magic of consistent burns that preserve the candle's beauty, a true testament to our commitment to elegance and aesthetic.
How to achieve this:
It is important to follow proper candle care techniques in order in ensure the longevity of your Eternal Pillar Candles, and to make sure they burn as intended. 
Things to keep in mind when burning
  • The first burn is the MOST important, Burn your Pillar Candle for 3-4 hours. this will create an important impression on the candle. Less time will result in with no tunneling affect, more time will result in too large of a tunnel
  • Once you have burned your candle the first time, do not burn the candle for more than 5 consecutive hours at a time. This is proper safety practice for all candles.
  • If you notice your candle is starting to create too large of a tunnel for your liking. Blow the candle out, and wait 2-3 minutes. once the melted wax has become less hot, move the candle around in a circular motion to help build up the outer walls of the pillar shell. allow cure time.

Our Eternal Pillar Candles after burning for 15 Hours

    Regular Pillar Candles after the first burn:
    **Please note: The outer shell of our Eternal Pillar candles will gradually lower after approximately 30 hours of burn time. However, they will continue to burn effectively and continue to look better than traditional pillar candles.**


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